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Professional Development

Interested in sharing your knowledge with new divers? Looking for a new career? We can help you. At Underwater Dynamics we offer Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Open Water Instructor courses. If you are already an instructor with another agency we offer a crossover program.

Divemaster Course

The Divemaster Course is the first professional level certification. During this course you will be challenged and learn what it is like to work with divers as they experience the underwater world for the first time and you will learn how to lead already certified divers and show them some of your favorite critters or dive sites. Your Instructor will also teach you how to manage divers, work the dive deck of a boat, and conducting safe and enjoyable dives. Other things you can expect to learn is diving Physics and Physiology, and being a professional SDI Divemaster. Your skills will be refined to demonstration quality and your knowledge increased to that of a professional. After you have completed the Divemaster course you can move onto the Assistant Instructor Course where you will learn more about academic presentations and have the ability to teach certain open water specialties.

$500, prerequisites: AOW, Deep, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Rescue, current CPR & First Aid, 40 dives, minimum age 18

Assistant Instructor Course

The Assistant instructor course is designed for you to gain practical teaching experience with an active Instructor or Instructor Trainer. You will help an Instructor teach an Open Water Scuba Diver course, Advanced Diver Course, and Rescue Diver Course. During this course you will be taught how to:

Upon completion of the course you may teach and certify Snorkelers, conduct the Inactive Diver Program, and conduct the knowledge Quest review in the Open Water Diver Course. With some additional training, you could go on to teach the following specialties:

$600, prerequisites: Divemaster, current CPR & First Aid, 40 dives, minimum age 18

Instructor Course

The Instructor Course will present current Divemasters or Assistants Instructors with the knowledge and help develop skills necessary to teach Open Water Scuba Divers, Advanced Adventures Divers, Rescue Divers, Divemasters and Assistant Instructors. To ensure the quality of our instructors the program is divided into two sections, an Instructor Development Course (IDC) and an Instructor Evaluation Course (IEC) conducted by two different Instructor Trainers. The IDC teaches you how to:

The IEC evaluates everything you learned during the IDC. This is typically a two day evaluation process and evaluates your abilities in:

$1500, prerequisites: Divemaster or Assistant Instructor, O2 provider, current CPR & First Aid, 100 dives done in a number of different environments with varying depths, minimum age 18


Join the Team

We are looking for good people to join our team. Underwater Dynamics is a Five Star Professional Development Center and we offer instructor training courses and mentoring programs in both Open Water and Technical scuba diving. If you are currently an instructor with another agency we offer crossovers.