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Open Water SCUBA Training

Become a scuba diver, continue your scuba education or become a scuba diving professional and educate new divers.

Open Water Diver Course


Public Course

We conduct Public Open Water course on a regular schedule starting every four weeks. Learn how to scuba dive in a group of like-minded individuals brought together by their desire to explore the exciting world of Underwater.

Complete the home study followed by a single Knowledge Review session or complete all of the Academics online. Next we spend three evenings at the local pool practicing all required skills and by successful passing off the skills we continue on to the Open Water practice dives.

As part of the Open Water course each student will be provided rental equipment free of additional charges for the pool and Open Water sessions. Students are only required to provide their own personal items such as mask, snorkel and fins.

The public course is taught in two different formats. Meet once a week for four weeks and finish your open water dives on a weekend or meet every night and complete all training in just one week.

$300 per person, when is the course taught: evenings, starting at 5:30 PM; course length: five days

Private Course

This scheduling format is the most flexible. You decide when you want to come in for Academics Review, when to go to the Pool to learn necessary practical skills, when to go to Open Water to complete your certification. You will be the only student in class and receive one-on-one instruction. All necessary equipment will be provided for your course, free of any additional charges.

$500; when is the course taught: you choose, course length: minimum three days

Semi-Private Course, 2 to 4 people

Bring a buddy, save money and still choose your own schedule.

$400 per person; when is the course taught: you choose, course length: minimum four days

Group Course, 5+ people

If you have a large group of friends or coworkers, or you want to get your whole family certified, we can offer additional savings and personalized schedule via a Group Course.

$300 per person; when is the course taught: you choose, course length: minimum five days

Some limitations may apply depending on facilities and instructor availability.

Specialty Courses

We teach various specialties throughout the year depending on a season, demand and travel schedule. Sign up to be notified about when the next specialty course will take place.

The pricing listed below applies to regularly scheduled /Public Course/ only. Please contact Underwater Dynamics for pricing information if you would like to schedule a Private or Semi-Private Specialty Course.

Specialty Courses Pricing and Prerequisites
Course Name Price Prerequisites
Advanced Adventure $250 OW
Advanced Buoyancy $155 OW
Altitude Diver $155 OW
Boat Diver $190 OW
Computer Diver $155 OW
Computer Nitrox Diver $155 OW or enrolment in OW
Deep Diver $235 OW, min age 15
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver $150 OW, min age 15
Dry Suit Diver $240 OW, min age 15
Equipment Specialist Diver $100 N/A
Night/Limited Visibility Diver $185 OW
Rescue Diver $250 AOW or 40 dives, CPR, min age 15
Search and Recovery Diver $200 OW, min age 15
Shore/Beach Diver $150 OW
Solo Diver $200 AOW, 100 dives, 21 years old
Underwater Hunter Diver* $150 OW
Underwater Navigation Diver $195 OW
Underwater Photography Diver $150 OW
Underwater Video Diver $150 OW
Wreck Diver, no penetration $155 OW
Wreck Diver w/ Limited Penetration $250 OW, min age 15, Deep for below 60'
Visual Inspection Procedures $100 min age 18, fill station affiliation
CPROX1stAED Administrator $100 N/A

Minimum age for specialty courses is 10 unless otherwise specified. Signed parental consent is required for anyone below the age of 18.

Specialty courses are not entry-level courses and students are required to provide their own equipment. Rental equipment is available at a regular rental fee.

Advanced Diver and Master Diver Development Programs

SDI Advanced Diver Development Program was created to make truly Advanced Divers. Under the old way of training a student could take an Advanced Diver course right after an Open Water course and only have a total of nine (9) dives, all under direct supervision of an instructor. SDI Advanced Diver Development program requires diver to have total of twenty five (25) dives and be certified in four different specialties. Master Diver is the highest non-professional diver certification and requires fifty (50) logged dives, four specialties and a Rescue Diver certification.

Bring proof of your experience and certification cards to Underwater Dynamics and we will be happy to reward all of your hard work by submitting for your Advanced or Master Scuba Diver certification. If you don't meet the prerequisites, inquire about our next scheduled specialty course or sign up for a private course and check the schedule of our dive club dives or dive travel schedule.

Ready for the next step?

Become an instructor or expand your limits by becoming a technical diver through a wide range of courses at Underwater Dynamics.

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Open Water diving courses schedule

Next scheduled course

  • 04/07 pool, 04/09 OWAdvanced Buoyancy
  • sign up ends 04/06
  • 04/14 class, no OWComputer Nitrox
  • sign up ends 04/10
  • 04/14 class, 04/22 OWAltitude Diver
  • sign up ends 04/13
  • 04/13 class, 04/16 pool, 04/22 OWDrysuit Diver
  • sign up ends 04/09
  • 05/08 - 05/30Open Water Course, once-a-week, four week course, OW dives done on Friday and Saturday of week 4
  • sign up ends 05/01
  • 04/27 - 05/02Open Water Course, week-long course
  • sign up ends 04/25
  • Please note, open water check out dives for Altitude Diver and Drysuit Divers courses will be conducted during the next club dive or scheduled individually.

Don't see a course you want listed in our regular schedule or schedule does not work for you? Give us a call, we can schedule any specialty course at your request. You can also sign up for one of the online courses, complete the academics portion of your course and call us to schedule your practical session in the pool or Open Water dives with one of our very experienced and fun instructors. Online fees cover the academics portion of your training only, for complete course pricing please see specialty courses pricing and prerequisites.