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Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures courses, 05.02 - 05.05

General Information

The check out dives for Advanced Nitrox & Decompression Procedures courses will be held at Blue Hole and Rock Lake near Santa Rosa, NM. Our "base of operations" will be Travelodge Santa Rosa.

In preparation for check out dives in Santa Rosa, additional training sessions with the instructor can be scheduled at the Homestead Crater. Air fills will be provided at no additional cost to students who have not completed their ´deep pool´ training sessions at the Crater, all others are responsible for their own fills (oxygen compatible air fills at Underwater Dynamics are 10¢ per cf or $20 per set of doubles if renting).

Equipment Rentals

If you are reserving rental equipment, please email what items. If we are driving your equipment for you to and from New Mexico, the rental fees will be for training days only.


The dive sites we´ll be visiting require proof of personal diving insurance. Diving insurance (Divers Alert Network and Dive Assure) can be purchased for under $100/year.

Course fees and expenses

  • $500 ($700 private course)Advanced Nitrox Diver course
  • $500 ($700 private course)Decompression Procedures Diver course
  • $35TDI Advanced Nitrox Manual (required)
  • $35TDI Decompression Procedures Manual (required)
  • $30 (per card)TDI certification card (by successful completion of the course), one card for each course

Course fees listed above don't include equipment rentals, gas fills, site access/boat fees or travel costs.

Dive Sites

Please note, all dive sites are located at approximately 5,000´ elevation.


  • Air fills only; Santa Rosa Dive Center near Blue Hole, cost ˜$5 for 80cf
  • There is no nitrox or oxygen fills available, please plan accordingly




  • Travelodge Santa Rosa, 2295 Historic Route 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435, 575-472-3494, ask for a "scuba diver" discount


  • Denny's Restaurant, 2483 Historic Route 66, Santa Rosa, NM 88435, 575-472-5999, our traditional place for after-dives dinner and briefings

For more information on lodging and dining in the area follow this link.

Getting there

Car pool

We usually have people who would like to car pool together to share gas expenses. Please email us if you would like to be a driver, how many people you can take with you or if you would like to be a passenger. I will forward driver contact information to the passengers and vice versa via email. Approximate driving time from Underwater Dynamics is 11 hours (677 miles).


The nearest airport is in Albuquerque, approximately 2 hours drive from Santa Rosa.

Luggage transportaion

If you are flying, we can transport your diving gear and cylinders to and back from Santa Rosa. Note that we will not be able to carry or store your gear and/or cylinders during our stay in New Mexico. Please make sure that your rental vehicle can accomodate all of your equipment. Bring your luggage on Thursday, Apr 30, between 5PM and 7PM. Everything needs to be packed into no more than two bags per person and bags must be labeled with your name clearly. Please bring only your scuba equipment, camping gear and clothing, etc., we will not take any food items.

Advanced Nitrox / Decompresion Procedures Schedule

Before the end of a day on Friday, 04.17

  • Confirm your intention to complete your training dives in Santa Rosa.
  • Reserve your cylinders or any other equipment.
  • Let us know if you would like to carpool or what other plans you have for your travel.

Saturday, 05.02

  • 11 AM: Meet at the lobby of Travelodge Santa Rosa Hotel to complete waivers and pay Rock Lake access fee
  • 12 PM: Meet at Blue Hole;
  • 1 PM - 6 PM: Dives and skills to prepare for Rock Lake on Friday
  • 7 PM: Dinner and debriefing
  • 8 PM: Meet at the hotel lobby for additional debriefing and planning session

Sunday, 05.03

  • 7 AM: Meet at the Rock Lake
  • 8 AM - 6 PM: Check out dives
  • 7 PM: Dinner and debriefing
  • 8 PM: Meet at the hotel lobby for additional debriefing and planning session

Monday, 05.04

  • 7 AM: Meet at Rock Lake
  • 8 AM - 6 PM: Check out dives
  • 7 PM: Dinner and debriefing
  • 8 PM: Meet at the hotel lobby for additional debriefing and to determine if additional dives are needed.

Tuesday, 05.05

  • No dives are planned for this day unless there is a need for makeup session


General Rules

  • All open balances must be paid prior to reserving your spot.
  • All divers are responsible for providing all equipment needed to properly execute training dives.
  • All divers are responsible for their own breathing gasses, diving sites access fees, meals, lodging and transportation.
  • We may be able to conduct minor on-site equipment repairs, make sure to bring your own save-a-dive kit.

Dive Site Rules

  • No solo diving is allowed at Blue Hole or Rock Lake.
  • A dive plan must be filed with your instructor before entering the water.
  • All training dives will be planned and conducted to the depth no deeper than the maximum depth of the course being taken.
  • All divers must bring their highest certification card and proof of personal diving insurance.