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Wreck of Lemon

Stop by our showroom and see our full line of products for open water and technical diver. For information on freediving or spearfishing equipment, please, take a look at our dedicated spearfishing page.

Open Water Scuba Diving Equipment

Modern day travel means serious weight limitations. We've got extra light fins, diving luggage, buoyancy compensators and more.

Mask, Snorkel, Fins

Mask, Snorkel, Fins

This is where you start. Most diving resorts or dive boats will allow you to rent regulators, a buoyancy compensator, weights and a cylinder, but we would highly recommend bringing your own snorkeling gear. A well-fitting mask is critical to your enjoyment of the dive.

Regulators and Dive Computers


The more you dive the sooner you realize the importance of a high performance, well maintained regulator. Trusting your life to a piece of equipment rented at some remote diving destination where it is subjected to heavy use and unknown maintenance schedule, may not be the best idea. So, the next step, usually, is to purchase a set of regulators. We stock Atomic Aquatics, Aqua Lung, Mares, Zeagle, Dive Rite and Poseidon regulators.

Personal Dive Computer

If you've learned diving the 'old way' and still use dive tables, consider purchasing a Personal Dive Computer (PDC). The result is more bottom time, improved safety and significantly simpler dive planning. We stock a wide range of computers from basic, Air and Nitrox-capable computer priced around $300 to top of the line technical diving computers capable of satisfying the demands of the most discerning explorer.

Exposure Protection


If you prefer warm water diving with colorful tropical fish, we can outfit you with UV-protection rash guards, dive skins and light wetsuits. If you enjoy interacting with sea lions in California or visiting pristine wrecks of the Great Lakes, thicker wetsuits, semi-dry and dry suits are in order. We represent BARE, Xcel, Fourth Element, Mares, Aqua Lung, Dive Rite, Poseidon and Santi.

Buoyancy Compensators

Buoyancy Compensator

A comfortable and properly sized buoyancy compensator with integrated weight system will give you more freedom in choosing your next diving destination - you will no longer have to depend on rental gear availability.

Dive Luggage and Travel Accessories

Consider the toughest line of diving luggage that doesn't scream "expensive scuba gear inside" from Stahlsac. The McNett line of diving equipment maintenance products will help prolong the life of your diving equipment. 500psi defog is a preferred defog of our instructors. If you don't like surprise charges at the airport, you can purchase a digital luggage scale right at our store. Dive knives, 'Save-a-Dive' kits, spare mouthpieces, fin and mask straps are just a few examples of accessories we carry.

Technical Diving Equipment

Underwater Dynamics is an authorized dealer for Dive Rite, OMS, OxyCheq, Golem Gear, XS Scuba/Highland, Liquivision. We stock full range of technical diving equipment, specialty items and hardware.

Discovery MkVISet of regulators for doublesDoublesLiquivision X1

Spearfishing Equipment

Underwater Dynamics is actively promoting spearfishing in Utah and we have the largest selection of spearguns and other spearfishing freediving equipment and accessories in the state. We stock equipment from all main spearfishing equipment manufacturers: Mares, Beuchat, OMER, Sporasub, Riffe and AB Biller.

Mares Riffe AB Biller Beuchat OMER Sporasub