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- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Wreck of Lemon

One Stop Dive Center

At Underwater Dynamics we would like to be able to take care of all your diving needs. We go an extra mile to assure your satisfaction.

All of our rental equipment is serviced regularly and we keep large selection of styles and sizes. We are the only store in the area that has Personal Dive Computers, Dry Suits and Technical diving equipment available for rent.

All equipment service is performed by factory trained technicians.

Our cylinder inspectors complete recurrent training every three years and remain up-to-date on techniques and standards when conducting inspections of your cylinders.

Our fill station is equipped with two compressors and all air undergoes extensive filtration and is laboratory tested on a regular basis. We pre-blend 32% nitrox, custom blends and trimix are available upon request.


  • April Newsletter - information about club dives, scuba diving equipment deals, upcoming scuba classes and more.


  • Cavern through Cave Diver courses 09.01 - 09.09, signup ends 08.22, courses can be taken individually or as a combined course