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Utah Cave

Utah Cave Diving

Utah provides unique challenges for an experienced cave diver. Cold, 40F, water, high flow, restricted entrances, remote locations. Divers who can handle these challenges are rewarded by being able to explore virgin cave passages, see what no one else has ever seen before.

Please be aware, cave diving is an inherently dangerous activity and should not be attempted without proper cave diving training. No amount of previous diving experience or training can adequately prepare you for cave diving! Many cave diving fatalities were very experienced in other types of diving and many were fully certified open water scuba instructors. Please be a responsible diver and familiarize yourself with the cave conservation policy.

If you have any information about underwater caves in Utah, Idaho, Nevada or Western Colorado, please contact NACD Regional Safety Officer Konstantin Kovalenko. More information about local cave diving destinations, rules and regulations will be posted soon.

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