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/Utah Nitrox and Technical Divers Club/UNiTeD

At UNiTeD another world awaits you

How can you truly explore the world when over two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water? The answer is scuba diving, and at UNiTeD we can help you enjoy this world.

We are UNiTeD, Utah Nitrox and Technical Divers club. Supported by a premier scuba diving training and retail center in the Orem area Underwater Dynamics. Divers from all communities in Utah are welcome to join and enjoy the benefits of becoming a club member. Not only are you able to continue to hone your diving skills by regular club dives, but club members also get an additional 10% off on all purchases made at Underwater Dynamics. With our monthly club meetings and dives we are dedicated to helping you become a safe and proficient diver.

The discovery of dive-able caves in Utah and surrounding areas as well as general interest in Technical Diving among local divers prompted the creation of UNiTeD.
Members of the club participate in expeditions, train together, meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas, make plans for future explorations, meet with guest speakers, watch diving videos and generally have fun.

We support a wide variety of local diving activities and encourage our fellow divers to participate and explore the numerous diving oportunities that are available throughout Utah and the adjoining states. In supporting the local diving, we foster a community enviroment of divers who are expertly trained, safe and ready to join you and your next adventure. Don't let your diving skills become rusty, call and join us today.


Membership is open to Technical and Open Water divers alike.


Any learned skill deteriorates if not practiced regularly and, if it is generally accepted that Open Water divers who have been inactive for over a year recommended to complete a refresher course, it is much more critical for a Technical Diver to remain active.
Our goal is to have more fun diving through getting better at it and diving more. UNiTeD organizes regular practice meetings at a local pool where members can hone their diving skills, test new equipment and techniques. Once a month, UNiTeD holds a Club Dive at one of the local dive sites.

Member dues and benefits

The annual membership dues are:

Bring a friend to the club and you both will receive $20 discount from each individual memberships.


There are many different responsibilities in the field and even if you are not qualified to participate in some of our diving activities, there is a lot of work that goes into a successful expedition. Some of the caves we dive are located in remote areas and substantial portions of those caves are dry and can be explored without diving. Support divers and non-diving members of the team are just as important to the success of the expedition as exploration divers and the experience of discovery and credit is shared among everyone.

Next step

Interested in improving your diving skills or just curious about what we do? Come to our next club meeting or event. Take a look at our Photo Gallery and Bylaws. Contact one of the Club Officers or any Underwater Dynamics employee if you have any additional questions.


Next club dive

04/22 Blue Lake

Our next club dive will be held at Blue Lake. We´ll be meeting at 40°30´6.76" N 114°2´10.14" W on Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.

We will be conducting check out dives for Dry Suit course during this club dive.

Please print, complete and bring with you to the event the Special Event Waiver and reserve your rental equipment and cylinders no later than 2 PM Thursday, April 21.